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Before you start:

n Read carefully when accessing services on the Web and make sure there are no hidden charges.

n Be careful when you give per­sonal information because some free services may sell your name to inter­ested parties. Read the fine print when signing on.

n Accessing the Web can be one of your best sources of information. Don’t be afraid to use this valuable resource.



n edsouth:

Learn the basics of financial aid and loans, utilize the repayment cal­culator, do a free on-line scholarship search, explore careers and visit col­lege Web sites.

n FAFSA on the Web:

File your FAFSA on-line which speeds up the financial aid process.

n Financial Aid Homepage:

Guides you through the financial aid process. You can also do free scholar­ship searches and find information on career planning.

n Financial Aid Student Guide:

Written by the government to help you understand the financial aid pro­cess.

n Mapping Your Future:­

Guides you through the financial aid process; assists students with choos­ing a school and planning a career.

n Molis-Minority Online Information System:­

Excellent resource to research minority scholarships and schools.


n ACT:

Offers valuable information about the ACT test as well as online regis­tration. Sample questions are given to help you prepare for the ACT.

n The College Board: www.col­

Detailed information on taking the SAT plus online SAT registration. All aspects of going to school are addressed on this site including career and college selection.

n Princeton Review:

Take a practice SAT online plus great tools to help with college and career planning.



n Kiersey Test:

A personality test that will help you determine what kind of careers would be best for you.

n Occupational Outlook Handbook:

Detailed career descriptions are available on this site. An excellent tool for anyone trying to decide on a career path.

n University of California, Berkeley:

Career explorations links that will help you research many different career options.

n University of Manitoba:

Information on a variety of occupa­tions plus a “What Can I Do with a Major In ...?” section.


n College Virtual Tours:

Visit hundreds of virtual colleges from one Web site. Also includes col­lege planning information and links to each college.

n College Information:­

Lists college Web pages by state.

n Comparison of American Colleges:

This site is an independent objective college assessment that will help you make educated deci­sions about your college choices.


n International Education Financial Aid:

Helps find financial aid if you wish to study abroad.


A resource for regulations and requirements for athletic scholar­ships and participation.

n “What Can I Do With A Major In?”:

A selection of information con­cerning college majors and relat­ed resources.

n Study USA:

Provides helpful information for international students who want to study in the United States.

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